The Finder – 2015 May

“Turn your kitchen into one straight out of a Buzzfeed post with quirky and adorable kitchen items from Qualy. Offering homeowners creative kitchen solutions, all of Qualy’s products, be it kitchen equipment or packaging, are made from 100 percent recyclable materials. Items like the super cute Four Seasons seasoning shaker set, Thirsty Bird water dispenser and Slice cutting board set make cute conversation starters as well as gifts. Qualy’s boxes can also be upcycled into makeshift shelves; simply follow the detailed instructions printed on the packaging’s exterior for added storage space.”

Qualy Design featured on The Finder Magazine

Simply Her – 2015 March

“Can’t remember if you’ve watered your plant? When you don’t see the squirrel in the pot, you know it’s time to feed your thirsty plant and make the little fellow pop up again.”

ZAN Magazine – 2015 January

Interview with Teerachai, Design Director of Qualy Design:

1.       In this era, what do you look out for when designing stationery?

“The first thing when designing a stationary product is the design. Imagine walking into a stationery store or a stationery section, if your design does not stand out or wow the customer they would just walk pass it. After attracting their attention your product have meet their expectation. For example the stationery that they are looking for need to have great design and WORK as well .

2.       Is there a particular kind of design or tagline (eg “ideas happen everywhere” or other slogan) that appeals to the consumers?

“Inspirations”. Our brand concept is concerning the future of our planet and how we choose to act in our daily life. After the customer buys our product we don’t want it to stop there. We want the product to carry on the message and want the customer to forward that message to their close one. For example, “The Last Log” (Pencil Sharpener) sends a message that we should be very careful on what we are consuming and we should consume in just the right amount.

3.       What do you hope to give consumers through his design?

We want our customers to be happy and to receive a great experience when using our products. With every product, we try to add a story behind it, and we hope the customer feels that he or she is part of the story.

Qualy featured in Zhan Magazine


Elle Magazine – 2014 December

Qualy featured in Elle Magazine

Renonation – 2014 November

“Qualy, a brand from land of smiles which has won several product design, innovation awards and international accolades such as “Good Design”award in 2010 and “Designer of the Year” award in 2011, retails a myriad of environmental friendly, practical home and living accessories. These high quality, beautifully designed solutions are ingeniously designed to raise greater environmental awareness among the consumers.

Qualy rose from its humble beginnings as a family business, which specializes in production of moulds and plastic, to an internationally recognized brand across the globe. QUALY has made its presence in numerous countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and many more!QUALY retails very unique yet functional products and therefore, they make superb house warming and holiday gifts! If you have an hectic lifestyle like mine, QUALY online store will make your last minute gift purchase a breeze since you can choose to pick up your purchases from the warehouse on weekdays at your own convenience!”

Renonation Block 20 and 30 recycling bin

Nylon Singapore – 2014, June Issue

“Home is where the heart is. Especially when your home has these kitsch accessories from Becheras – home-grown purveyors of chic furnishings!”

Nylon Magazine Singapore

Nylon Magazine Singapore


Lookbox Living – 2014, Issue #35

“Dinner Parties will get a dash of quirkiness when you serve up these shakers with your entrees. Each shaker represents a different season such as cactus for summer and pine tree for winter.” – On the Four Seasons shaker set, available here.

“With these drink dispensers, hitting your two-litre-a-day water quota shouldn’t be a problem. While the cute bird lever comes in black and white versions, we much prefer a pinch of colour to up the fun ante.” – On the Thirsty Bird drink dispenser, available here.

Qualy Feature on Lookbox Living 2014

Straits Times – 23 August 2014

“Spice up your seasoning rack with these adorable shakers. Inside the salt shaker is a Christmas Tree for a white winter (salt), while pepper covers a cactus for a dusty summer in the other shaker.”

8 Days – 2013, December 5 issue

“Never have we met a paper towel holder that played as much with our emotions as the Log & Roll from Qualy. As you use up the paper, a little squirrel and a sprout will sink sadly into their log, reminding you that with each piece you pull, you’re destroying trees and their natural habitat. Sob.” – On the Log & Roll paper towel holder, available here.

“These Four Seasons shakers from Qualy dispense four seasonings, geddit? Basil in spring, pepper in summer, chili flakes in autumn and salt in winter. Pretty genius, if you ask us.” – On the Four Seasons shaker set, available here.

Qualy 8 Days Feature

i-Weekly – 2013, December 5 issue

Qualy i Weekly Feature – 2013 November / December

“doob Bean Bags – top, top gaming gear. One word – must have. Well that was two, but still, these babies belong in every gaming den everywhere.”

– 13 cool pics from Sitex 2013, 28 November 2013

“What better way to dominate FIFA14 than in a living room, among friends, with a doob Bean Bag – quite possibly the comfiest of all bean bags anywhere. The best thing is the sheer variety of ways to lounge on them.

We took three to Sitex; they were a welcome relief for aching legs after a long day of shopping.”

– Gadgets and tech we took to Sitex 2013, 3 December 2013

The Straits Times – 2012 November 3

“WHAT: Looks like an upright pillow that you can plop onto. It is made of nylon with a PVC undercoat, which makes it great for the outdoors. Also, it is spill-resistant and easy to clean with a wet cloth. Comes in eight colours.” – 5 Of The Best Bean Bags

MediaCorp TV12 okto – 2012 April

Groom My Room!
doob® Bean Bags were featured on MediaCorp’s okto channel for their Groom My Room series 7 episode 6 and again in series 8 episode 1.Groom My Room is a show where one kid each week gets to transform his/her dream bedroom into reality! With assistance from an interior designer, manly labour and a bubbly host, the kid would have to design, shop and decorate his/her own room on time and on budget!Check out the videos: – 2012 February
A Whole New Bag of Tricks
“… What’s doob? doob® makes affordable, chic bean bags. Beyond furniture, doob is also a culture; it’s built a fan base through lifestyle-focused marketing and energetic online campaigns.doob broke the beanbag cartel (a line other finance writers can only dream of typing) through pricing, innovation, and what industry experts technically call being damn happening. So if you need a beanbag, drop by; their products are better (and cheaper) than what you’ll find in furniture stores. Also, free delivery! …”

– doob Bean Bags: A Whole New Bag of Tricks, 6 February 2012
Full interview here.

8 Days Magazine – 2012 January 12

doob® revels in some local pride!Bean There, Done That?

“Bean Bags? Aren’t they lumpy sacks that try to pass off as furniture, favoured by students who can’t afford actual chairs? Well, you haven’t met doob bean bags. Designed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans (the dimensions and materials used are suitable for local sizes and our tropical weather), these bean bags are chic and, some say, annoyingly comfortable. We’re most impressed by their ingenious versatility – the large doobsta’ can transform from an armchair to a recliner with a few well-placed pats. At $199, the doodad doesn’t come cheap, so you can be sure that the doobsta’s many fans love its bean bag-ness (and not ‘cos they can’t afford a real couch). doob® Bean Bags come in other shapes and sizes, and are good for lounging in, watching TV on, and for feeling like you’re young and carefree again.”- Singa-more, please! 8 Days, Jan 2012 issue

FHM Singapore – 2011 Nov

What’s cooler than a doob® Bean Bag? A hot model on a doob Bean Bag! FHM Singapore got hold of a few doob Bean Bags for a photoshoot with Russian model Margo P.”The awesome bean bags for this shoot came in courtesy of doob® Bean Bags. They offer a colourful and chillaxing range of sleepers that’ll hold firm, keep you steady and snag you for good. You can get synthetic leather, durable nylon or cool cotton – for a variety of purposes. Though most of it, we reckon, will be horizontal.” – FHM Singapore, Nov 2011 issue